Welcome to WholeSale Mart India

Wholesale Mart is a path-breaking B2C application in Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh,that acts as a vital bridge connecting online customers and their favourite retail stores. In today’s dynamic digital world, Wholesale Mart provides retail stores an opportunity to debut on the online platform with a 360-degree support system.

By offering our basic model absolutely free, Wholesale Mart aims to empower the retail industry one store at a time! What’s more, the app is customizable to meet the requirements of all kinds of business across categories and modes of operation from store chains and standalone shops to home-based establishments.

This gives a huge fillip to smaller retail businesses by connecting them to an ever-increasing online customer base.

Wholesale Mart provides the way ahead for smaller businesses so they can thrive in the increasingly online marketplace, and withstand tough competition from online retail giants.

Placing the power back in the hands of the consumer and the standalone store, NeoMart connects them on the digital space, thereby evolving beyond the limitations of a brick-and-mortar marketplace.

Wholesale Mart is hugely advantageous for the consumer who can now access their favourite products from the stores of their choice, at the click of a button. There lies a huge gap between what online retail giants offer and the specific demands of a customer (often found at their local store). This is an opportunity for the discerning customer to move beyond these limited choices.

Indian tradition has always favoured the neighbourhood kirana store. It’s a tradition that is fading due to the quick convenience of online shopping. By putting the neighbourhood store online, Wholesale Mart aims to be a game-changer and put the focus back on the consumer and the small retail business.

Wholesale Mart is your market—anywhere, anytime.

What We Provide?